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What is the difference between a genuine Microsoft Office and a cracked Microsoft Office?

Technology has become an obligatory means of surviving. Everyone is literally living in the online virtual world. And surviving here is impossible without the latest technology. Well, the minimal requirement in this digital era is having a PC or a laptop. 


And when you have a PC or a laptop, you obviously have some operating system, software and applications installed on it. You understand the importance of having these on your PC’s. But do you really know, how important it is using a genuine product rather than a pirated or cracked one?


The cracked version of any software may be alluring because it is available for free. But getting a pirated version is illegal. I am sure all of you are aware of that. Now when I talk about operating systems or software some of the basic ones that you need are Windows and Microsoft Office. 


Looking at the increasing counterfeiting cases, Microsoft adopted the policy of giving away its products on a subscription basis rather than full ownership. However, you can still buy the product, if you wish. 


But the major challenge here is which version are you using? The genuine one of the craked one?


In this blog, I am going to list down simple steps to know 

The Difference Between A Cracked and Genuine Microsoft Office

Technically there is no difference between a genuine and a cracked Microsoft Office. The only thing is one is authentic and bought from the official site and the other is installed illegally through a cracked version. 


Another difference is a genuine version can be transferred to another PC but the cracked version will eventually be blocked by Microsoft.


And the biggest difference is, it is not safe and may be full of viruses. 


As I said, craked version is of course, alluring because it is free of cost. But is it safe enough? 


No, it is not safe and definitely not advised to use a cracked version of not just Microsoft office bu any software or application. You may be successful in installing the cracked version, but soon you will start seeing a red strip at the top of your interface. 


This is a warning sign that the product you are using is not safe and is vulnerable to virus and malware threat. The cracked version will allow you to use the suite, however, it does not give 100% guarantee to remove the pirated status.


Another risk of using a cracked version is, Microsoft will know it. They obviously keep a track of the sold licenses. They can identify if your version is genuine or cracked and this may lead you to some major problems. Using a pirated of a cracked version of any software is a crime. 


Now you know how important it is to know

If Your Microsoft Office Is Genuine Or Not?

If your Microsoft Office is not genuine, you are deliberately giving an invitation to malicious threats to breach your security and privacy that too without your knowledge. It is all the riskier if your PC is storing important or sensitive data. 


One way of checking whether your Microsoft Office is genuine or craked version is with the help of Genuine Microsoft Software. This programme was deloped and supported by Microsoft. 


The following steps will help you determine the authenticity of your Microsoft Office:

  • Step 1: 

Go to the Genuine Microsoft Software Website.

  • Step 2

Look in the resources tab and search for Microsoft Office

  • Step 3

Click on the “Validate Office” button under Option 1

  • Step 4

Click “Run this programme from current location” or Click “Open”

  • Step 5

Follow the instructions to complete the process

  • Step 6

Go back to the page from where you downloaded the programme and click “Continue” to identify if your Microsoft Office is genuine or not.


This was one way. But the best way to ensure that your Microsoft office is genuine is to download the software from the Microsoft site.


Steps to Download Office 365/2020

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft office account details.
  3. From the office home page select Install office
  4. Or from office 365-page select Install Office apps (depending upon your requirement)
  5. Follow the steps prompted and the download will be complete.

Setup and Install Office 365/2020

If you are installing Office 365 for the first time, make sure your PC/Laptop, meets the following requirements:


  1. Before installing the office setup, you need to redeem your product key that came with the product during the purchase.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with the existing or new account.
  4. Enter your product key to redeem it.

Steps to Install Office 365/2020

  1. Open the downloaded file and depending on the browser you are using select “Run” for Internet Explorer, “Setup” for Chrome and “Save File” for Firefox. 
  2. Click “Yes”, when prompted the message, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”
  3. The installation will begin.
  1.  Once the installation is finished, you will see this message on the window with an animation, “You’re all set! The office is installed now”.
  1. Click on the Close button.


These were the steps to download and install a genuine Microsoft Office from the official website. Using a pirated or cracked version of any software of application is a crime. Keep away from exposing your PC/Laptop to malware threats and viruses by using a cracked version.

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