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office.com/setup : Download, Install and Activate office setup


Office.com/setup – Get started with the best productivity suite by visiting www.office.com/setup and download Microsoft office products. Use the 25 digit office setup product key for office installation and activation. You can take help from support team if you face any issues in office setup.

Microsoft office 2019 product key : Simple methods to activate with or without a product key
Microsoft office 2019 product key : Simple methods to activate with or without a product key

office.com/setup : Download, Install and Activate office setup

  1. Type www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup in your favorite browser
  2. Sign in to Microsoft account
    • New users need to create a new account
  3. Enter your 25 digit office setup product key
  4. Now you need to go according to your plan and version
    • If you have a work or school account, click on install Office Apps which you’ll find on the Office 365 homepage.
      • Select 32 or 64 bit version
  5. Click on download button
    • Office setup file will get downloaded in few minutes.
  6. Double click on the file to run and install office
    • Follow on screen prompts
    • Click agree on terms an conditions
    • Wait to complete the installation of office setup
  7. Open any office application such as excel, word
  8. Click on activate button
    • You need to sin in or enter product key
  9. Enter office setup product key
  10. Click on activate button so Microsoft office will be activated.
  11. Restart your device and enjoy office subscription

How much is a Microsoft Office subscription?

Microsoft has introduced the latest edition of its widespread application on office.com/setup. Every three years, there’s a new variant with an upgraded user interface, a couple of new capabilities and functions, and a significant hassle needing to update many computers. But, Microsoft has made a substantial shift to their tried and true formula. Microsoft provides its monthly subscribers with a superb deal to proceed to their pricing model, correct? Well, let’s take a look at the pricing and see for ourselves, which is the best way to purchase Office. Office 365 Home is $99.99 yearly or $9.99 per month, Office Professional 2019 is $439.99, Office Home & Student 2019 is $149.99 annually or $14.99 per month and the Office 365 Personal is $69.99 annual or $6.99 per month

Buy Microsoft Office without a subscription

Within the Subscription period of Office at office.com/setup, you are going to wind up paying over $60 more if you go for the monthly subscription. The only advantage of moving with the subscription-based model is that it permits you to install the Office application on more than one computer simultaneously. But to me personally and I guess this is not worth the extra price.

Update Office with Microsoft Update

Microsoft releases security and quality upgrades for the Click-To-Run (C2R) Setup of Office 2019 via office.com/setup, which is exclusively C2R. These upgrades are released approximately once a month, generally on the second Tuesday of the month.


  1. Go to office.com/setup for Office Setup.
  2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter Microsoft Office Product key.
  5. Select your Country and Language.
  6. Download Office Setup and follow On-Screen instructions.
  7. Finish the Installation Process and Run the Applications.

How to Install Office Setup on Windows


  1. Go to office.com/setup for Office Setup.
    1. Open your browser, visit www.office.com/setup or office.com/setup and select the Office product you want to install.
  2. Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account.
    1. Sign In to your account at www.office.com/setup or microsoft365.com/setup, to complete the purchase and setup office. If you, however, do not have a Microsoft Account, you’ll have to create one.
    2. Find your Office Product Key.
      1. Find the Product key of your Microsoft Office in your email associated with your office or find it on the box if bought from a retail store.
    3. Enter your Microsoft Office Product Key.
      1. Once you have logged in to your account or created a new one, you have to enter the Product key in the orange area. Select your country and the language you want.
    4. Download and Install Office.
      1. Once you have entered the correct information, you can begin downloading the software. Follow the on-screen directions and start downloading your registered copy of Microsoft Office.
  3. Run the Activation wizard.
    1. Once you run the office installer you need to follow on-screen instructions that appear on the screen. Now, We just need to wait for the office setup to go through the installation process.
  4. Open and Run office Applications.
    1. As soon as the installation is complete open any office app and you will get a welcome screen with a message “You’re All Set” and that office is activated.

How to Install Office Setup on Mac

1. Log into your office 365 account and you will get redirected to the download page. In case you aren’t, you can go to settings and then pick the Software.

2. Now, under Install, Select that button to start downloading the installer package.

3. Now, go to Downloads, you will find the installer package under the name Office installer.dmg or some variation of that name, double click it to launch setup. If you are unable to open and setup office, go to office Support Forum.

4. When the first Office screen appears, select Continue to run the office installation process and sign in with your office subscription.

5. Choose how you wish to install the Setup then Continue.

What are the benefits of installing office setup?

  • Microsoft office works on every device and every IOS.
  • Increases the work efficiency
  • Lowered security, risk and compliance costs
  • With an Office 365 membership, you get the most recent Office applications—both the work area and the online forms—and updates when they occur.
  • Office 365 + your gadget + the Internet = profitability wherever you are.

How to do Office Setup using Office.com/setup ?

Office.com/setup – Now Enter Office Setup Product Key which is at the bank of Office Retailcard or on your email and Get Started with Office Installation.

Why Choose Microsoft Office?

Since the advent of organized business culture, various means have been adopted to enhance productivity. As the workflow increases with expanding businesses, productivity must be matched. However, this can cost heavily on personal lives of the workers. For this purpose, productivity tools comes to the rescue. Productivity software’s are designed to simplify tasks and heighten efficiency. A rightly chosen application facilitates in achieving goals without stretching on resources. One of the most widely used and versatile tool is microsoft Office.

What is Office.com/setup?

Microsoft Office is commonly known as Office. It is an encyclopedic family of productivity tools designed specifically for business or office use. It is a bundled fleet of multiple desktop applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook etc. developed by Microsoft. Created primarily to automate the time consuming manual work, office 365 setup is available in 35 different languages.

MS Office has constantly evolved with time to meet user requirements. As such, it is compatible to almost all variants of Windows, Mac and Linux along with mobile devices.

Office.com/setup is a well coordinated collection of purpose-built applications. It is meant for cost effective, convenient and enhanced productivity. It assists you in doing almost everything from instant messaging to your colleagues and teams to creating complex websites in SharePoint. Indeed, office.com/setup has influenced every aspect of your work life.


MS Office is the most versatile productivity tool that comes in several flavors. This variety has been evolved over time to cater to different end-users and computing scenes. However, the original, desktop version still remains the most widely used and known variant. Besides that, office.com/setup is also available for users online or from Cloud under two variations. Office Web App is a lighter version while microsoft 365 is a full fledged suite.

Get Office.com/setup

Office.com/setup is a simple and quick procedure that can be undertaken by any non-technical user.

Before venturing in to the actual setup process, you must consider the following factors. This is because these factors can interfere with smooth and quick setup for MS Office.

  1. Your computer must meet the specified system requirements for office.com/setup.
  2. You must ensure to acquire only the correct Office product variant that supports your OS.
  3. Since the download time is depends on the speed and signal strength of your internet connection. Therefore, you should always use high speed broadband connection with optimum signal strength.
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