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McAfee Total Protection Error while Installing Updates on Mac

For McAfee Total Protection to function properly, on your system, you need to regularly update it for the latest version.

Updating can be a little troublesome sometimes and You can see some error while installing the McAfee Total Protection on MacOS10.13 also known as macOS High Sierra.

Installing the update manually for Mac often shows errors.

and This can be due to network security for Mac kernel unapproved extension or anything that makes the progress slower with firewall or browser setting. 

However, these errors can be resolved. 

So, How To Resolve McAfee Total Protection Error While Installing Updates On Mac

Time needed: 23 hours.

You can resolve the error by following these steps:

  1. Authorize The Network Security 

    Any application that uses a kernel extension in macOS High Sierra, it should be approved after the application is installed. You can authorise the kernel extension by following the below steps:

    1- Click on the menu in the top left corner of Mac.
    2- Go to “System Preferences
    3- Select “Security and Privacy
    4- You will see a pop-up message reading, “System software from developer McAfee, Inc was blocked from loading.”
    5- Click “Allow enabling the extension”.

  2. Modify Firewall Settings

    After the installation of macOS High Sierra, the firewall settings has to be updated. To change your firewall settings, do the following steps:

    Settings for Third-Party Firewall Applications

    In the application folder, check if any firewall applications are running and
    Make sure that the web security for Mac is enabled for any running firewall application. 
    Save the changes.

    Settings for McAfee Firewall 

    In the application folder, check if any firewall applications are running.
    Make sure that internet security for Mac is enabled for any running firewall application. 
    Save the changes.

    In the menu, select McAfee.
    Click on “McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security Console”.
    Select Mac Security.
    Go to Firewall
    Click on the lock icon and enter your password used for Mac login.
    Change the type from “Public to Home or Work”.
    To save the changes, click log in.

  3. Step 3: Clear Cache Files and Cookies in Safari

    So If you still see any error after the second step, you need to clear the cache files and cookies in safari browser. Do the following to clear them.

    Open Safari.
    Go to “Safari Preferences”.
    Select “Privacy
    Go to “Manage web site information”.
    Click on “Remove All”.
    After finishing, click “Done”.
    Restart Mac.

  4. Step 4: Reinstall Web Security for Mac

    and Even after clearing the cache files and cookies, if you still see the error, you need to reinstall web security for Mac. Follow the below steps:

    Go to and sign in to your McAfee account.
    After logging in, go to “My Account”.
    Select “Subscription”.
    Select “Add Device”. And “Device Type”.
    Click on “Download”.
    Select the “Web Security for Mac” and click “Download”.
    Accept the “McAfee License Agreement”.
    Click “Download”.

    After the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to run. 
    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

    Once the reinstallation is complete, restart the Mac and try to update McAfee Total Protection again. 

Because, These steps will help you to resolve McAfee Total Protection Error while installing updates for Mac. 

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