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McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool

The McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tools is used to uninstall McAfee products from your device. There are several methods to remove McAfee software.

Removal or uninstallation should only be the option if you are going to reinstall it again.

Or installing any new version of McAfee products.

Another reason could be McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool uninstalling it for the cleanup of your device. 

However, it is highly recommended to reinstall McAfee products in order to protect your devices from online threats, virus and Malware & Ransomware attacks.

Having anti-virus software on your device not only keeps your device safe from online threats but also safeguards your personal data and information.

Make sure to use the latest version available for McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool (EPR).

Using an older version can result in unwanted errors or unexpected results.

To avoid this, the EPR tool expires after every 90 days and it will not work.

For getting information on the latest version, you can check the user guide available with the version.

The main reason is, the versions of the EPR (Extended Producer’s Responsibility) tools are designed to expire every 90 days.

For more information on the latest versions of McAfee software that a version of the EPR tool can remove and on supported Windows operating systems, see the User Guide for this version of the EPR tool. . .

The Endpoint Upgrade Assistant (EUA) can help you decide when the removal of the product is necessary before installing other software.

Therefore, if the purpose of the uninstall is to install another version of a product, McAfee recommends using the EUA instead of EPR. 

The McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool comes with an active Grant Number that provides the licence to remove any, one product of McAfee products.

Steps To Download The McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool

  1. Go to
  2. Login with the credentials used for McAfee account and the Grant Number provided with EPR Tool.
  3. Search for Endpoint Product Removal
  4. Or Select “Utilities and Connectors” in Filters.
  5. Select the latest version and click on “Download”

How to Use The McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool

Do the following to use the McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool

  1. Step 1:

Right-click the downloaded file and “Run as Administrator”.

  1. Step 2:

Run the EPR tool on the device you want to uninstall the McAfee product from. Do not use or run the program with a network share.

  1. Step 3:

When deploying the EPR tool from EPO, make sure you provided the necessary command-line arguments when creating your deployment task.

  1. Step 4:

In general, you should not select the All Removal option.

It is recommends that you use a specific managed product to uninstall a McAfee product on your device.

Using the McAfee Endpoint Product Removal Tool is not recommended by the technical support team to uninstall McAfee.

Especially if you are uninstalling the product for the first time. .

Other Common Methods Used To Uninstall McAfee Products are:

  • Using Endpoint Upgrade Assistant (EUA).
  • Using ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Client Tasks 
  • Using Windows removal/uninstallation applications and features.

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