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Uninstall McAfee Security from Android- iOS Mobile Devices

McAfee Security is the best anti-virus software for all your devices. It is compatible with all type of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. McAfee offers different subscription plan according to the needs of the user. 

Based on the subscription plan you can install and use McAfee security on up to 1, 5 and 10 devices. 

Having anti-virus software installed on all your devices has almost become mandatory now. With the increase in online threats and virus attacks, it is too big a risk to not have anti-virus software. 

And when we talk about the best anti-virus software, the first name that pops up is McAfee Security.

It protects all your devices from cyber threats,  malicious applications, online viruses, unsecured networks, leakage of personal data and information, etc. 

McAfee Security is award-winning anti-virus software and if you have it installed on your devices you can browse the web without worrying about malware and ransomware attacks, virus attacks, etc. 

With subscription plan for McAfee VPN and Safe Web Browsing, you can easily surf the web using public hotspots, banking applications, etc without the treat of leaking your personal data and information. 

For the information on downloading and installing McAfee Total Security on different devices, you can visit the previous blogs. 

In this blog, I am going to list down the
Steps To Uninstall McAfee Security From Android and iOS Devices

  1. Step 1: Uninstall McAfee Security from Android Devices:

    Do the following to uninstall McAfee Security from Android devices:

    Open device administration on your android device.
    Click on “Deselect” the McAfee Mobile Security.
    Open Application Settings.
    Go to “Installed Application/manage the applications.
    Select “McAfee Mobile Security”.
    Select “Uninstall or Remove” application.
    McAfee Security application will be uninstalled.
    Restart your device.

  2. Step 1: Uninstall McAfee Security from iOS Devices:

    Do the following to uninstall McAfee Security from iOS devices:

    Go to Settings – General – Profiles and Device Management 
    After Device Management, select the “Safe Family MDM Profile”.
    Then select “Remove Management”.
    To complete the above step, you may need to enter your password used for your iOS account.
    Press and hold the McAfee icon on your iOS device.
    Click on “x”.
    Confirm the “Uninstall/Remove” application.
    McAfee Security will be uninstalled from your iOS device. 
    Restart your device.

    If your Android or iOS devices have pre-installed McAfee security on your device then you will not be able to uninstall it.
    it is recommended to keep the McAfee Security application on all your devices to protect it from online threats and viruses.

    McAfee was previously only available for Android devices but the iPhone and the iPad user can now be relieved.
    It is now available for iOS users also.

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