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Avast Antivirus Won’t Open – How to Open Avast?

Regularly updating your computer’s antivirus system is an integral part of maintaining your computer. The case is not any different if you are using the Avast antivirus software.

Yet, users have faced some problems after updating to the latest Avast version.

Many users have been reporting that the Avast antivirus will not open after the recent upgrade to the 18.4.2388 version. Every time Avast is not opening, the message ‘UI failed to load’ is displayed.

To lighten the scenario, the developers have even included a note acknowledging the fact that the issue is embarrassing.

When this error occurs and the user cannot open Avast, two buttons are displayed on the window. One of the buttons allows you to exit the application and the other is meant to restart the Avast services.

In case you are going through a lucky day, the problem would be fixed by simply clicking the restart services button. Yet, more often than not, the issue doesn’t simply vanish in that way.

That being said, you must also know that the fix to this Avast error is quite easy and it doesn’t take much time to solve it.

As Avast has themselves notified its common users, the most probable cause for this problem is an issue with the Windows Services settings and configurations.

The primary solution to solve the error is to re-install/repair the antivirus. Yet, before that can be done, some other factors need to be ensured and some changes have to be made to the Windows settings.

How to Open Avast? – Steps to Solve the Error

In order to resolve the problem due to which the Avast antivirus will not open the user has to follow the steps given below.

Fixing the Window’s Settings

Primarily, before actually re-installing the Avast software, it’s necessary to make some essential tweaks to the Windows Services settings.

Step I – Go to ‘Run’ from your computer’s start menu. Type in the ‘services.msc’ and initiate the action by pressing the Enter key.

Step II – From the dialogue box that opens, as a result, click on and open the ‘Remote Desktop Services’ dialogue box.

Step III – Once it opens, click on the dropdown for the Startup Type and set it to ‘Automatic’. Check and ensure that the ‘Service Status’ of the program is set to ‘Running’. In order to make it ‘Running’, click on the ‘Start’ button.

Step IV – Click on Apply and then on OK. Restart the system after successfully completing the process.

Try opening the Avast software after this procedure. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to re-install/repair the Avast antivirus.

Re-installing/Repairing Avast

In order to re-install the Avast software, you have to first uninstall the product. You may also try repairing the software which might solve the problem. If it doesn’t, go for re-installation.

To repair the program, first, open your system’s Control Panel and from there, go to the Programs and Features tab. Select Avast from the list of software installed on the computer, and click on the uninstall/change button present above the list.

Click on the Change option and then choose Repair.

Avast will automatically perform the required process and will notify you when done. After its completion, restart the system and try opening Avast.         

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