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How to Fix 80047ec6 Norton Error Code?

With the rapid rise in our dependence on the internet, the risk of cyber crimes and other malicious attacks over the internet is also on the rise. In this context, Norton is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to ensure the safety of your digital data stored in your computer or transferred over the web. Owing to its vast virus database and the constant updates performed on the same, Norton, as an antivirus, is keeping pace with the time.

However, despite the manifold benefits provided by the antivirus, the Norton error 80047ec6 is a common issue faced by its users. It is quite easy to be perplexed with the “Error – Unable to continue 80047ec6, 80047ec7” message while installing Norton. In fact, the error looks rather absurd as there is no error message in the logs. Moreover, the Norton error 80047ec6 doesn’t even go away with simple re-booting of the system.

Well, the good news is that the error isn’t as difficult as it seems. Rather, if you closely follow the steps provided in this article, the Norton 80047ec6 error can be very easily solved, more often than not. So, let’s get into the troubleshooting part without any further ado so that your computer is in full protection from any sort of malicious files and software.

How to Activate Norton On Windows?
How to Activate Norton On Windows?

Possible Reasons for the 80047ec6 Norton Error

Some of the possible reasons which might be causing this error have been listed below.

  • Another antivirus is already installed on your computer. Otherwise, it may also happen the app data for the previous antivirus is still there, even after uninstalling.
  •  The Norton installation files have not been properly installed and extracted on your computer.
  • Access to some necessary websites is blocked on your computer.
  • Your computer’s firewall is stopping the download manager from functioning properly.

Steps to Solve the Norton Error 80047ec6

In order to resolve the issue, you have to follow these steps in the order as they are placed herein.

Step I – Uninstall any other antivirus or any previous version of the Norton antivirus installed on the system. Also, make sure that there aren’t any residue files left after the uninstallation. For this purpose, you can use cleaner software like CCleaner or the likes.

Step II – Remove all the previously downloaded files from Norton by cleaning the folder C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Symantec location and re-run the SEPC_setup.exe. After doing that, restart the Norton installation process by visiting their website.

Step III – Add the following Norton/Symantec websites to the exclusion list of your system’s firewall.

You may also pause your firewall until the installation is completed.

How to Activate Norton On Windows?
How to Activate Norton On Windows?

Step IV – Download the Remove & Re-install tool provided by Norton. Once the download is completed, visit the ‘Downloads’ page on your browser or the download location.

Step V – Once there, double-click on the recently downloaded NRnR icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Step VI – If the problem still continues after the previous steps, you can visit – http://www.norton.com/latestns. This version of the Norton antivirus does not require the download manager which is the root of the problems.

In case you require further assistance even after closely following all the steps mentioned above, you must contact the Symantec Customer Care on the calling the number provided on their website’s ‘Support Center’ section. 

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