The Benefits of Using Multiple Subwoofers

Getting the best bass reaction from a subwoofer is a standout amongst the most essential execution parts of a decent sound framework. But on the other hand it’s a standout amongst the most hard to accomplish. Bass that sounds boomy, enlarged, over-thunderous, and additionally fat can totally demolish the listening knowledge – it will matter little how great of speakers you have. Then again, tight, all around characterized, and equally conveyed bass endlessly improves home sound, sound system, and home venue tuning in.

It very well may be somewhat precarious to have a solitary subwoofer spread open and additionally connecting rooms equally with sound. Be that as it may, by including a couple of more subwoofers in with the general mish-mash, you can impact the quality and yield of your sound framework.

Subwoofer Placement and Listening Positions

Bass quality is for the most part dictated by two variables: subwoofer arrangement and audience position. In a normal home listening room, bass frequencies can sound domineering in certain areas yet extremely lean in others. Everything relies upon where the subwoofer is set and where you sit to appreciate the sound. The explanation behind this is room resonances.

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Room resonances are regions where a portion of the subwoofer’s sound waves (for example standing waves) develop to make the bass more intense than it ought to be (crests). Room resonances additionally make territories where a portion of the waves drop each other to make the bass sound feeble (plunges). Testing – it can feel a ton like experimentation – with subwoofer situation for best execution is the means by which you can discover the location(s) that assistance to wipe out (or if nothing else limit) a great deal of the pinnacles and plunges. Smooth bass is the thing that you need.

More Can Indeed Be Better

There is a third factor that can incredibly impact bass quality: the quantity of subwoofers. While one subwoofer may create enough bass for a normal estimated room, purchasing extra subwoofers can lessen the event of room resonances and improve the general nature of bass all through the room. The key thing to comprehend is that it’s not tied in with including progressively bass; it’s tied in with improving bass quality and circulating it all the more equitably all through regions.

Two, three, or even four appropriately situated subwoofers can adequately drop a few (if not most or all) room resonances. Not exclusively can the general bass execution improve, however it can improve for various listening positions rather than only one. Think about different subwoofers like focal air that can influence all territories of the home, while a solitary subwoofer resembles a standing floor fan with constrained reach.

Numerous run of the mill set-ups use two subwoofers situated in inverse corners of the room. This is a simple method to increase huge improvement and spread more space. There are likewise subwoofer frameworks that incorporate four separate subwoofers controlled by one single enhancer – better bass proliferation essentially improves pretty much wherever in the room. While four subwoofers may appear pointless excess to a few, having a couple is reasonable and will give much preferable bass over a solitary subwoofer alone.

Subwoofers are accessible in a wide scope of costs from a couple of hundred to a large number of dollars. Make sure to comprehend the distinction among aloof and fueled subwoofers (you’ll need to ensure your framework can deal with everything). The improvement in bass reaction with various subwoofers is apparent to the point that many supporter acquiring different lower-cost as well as littler subs over a solitary costly and additionally bigger one. The execution of four for the most part demolishes two, yet two is in every case superior to one.

Where to Place Two Subwoofers

In case you’re utilizing two subwoofers, take a stab at exploring different avenues regarding position as pursues:

  • In inverse corners of the room
  • On the focal point of the front and back dividers
  • On the focal point of the side dividers

Where to Place Four Subwoofers

Utilizing a comparative procedure, have a go at putting four subwoofers as pursues:

  • One in each side of the room
  • One on the focal point of each divider, front, back, left, right


  • Leave adequate space between the subwoofer and dividers
  • Make sure to appropriately associate the subwoofer to a recipient or enhancer
  • The most attractive position for the subwoofer isn’t generally the best-performing arrangement
  • Remember to modify the frequencies on the stereo sound equalizer at the very end
  • Right subwoofer murmur/buzz when you hear it

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