March 4, 2019

Enter your product key 25 character

Enter your product key 25 character:

Ms Office offers 25 character product key with its purchase. To get a licensed version of any ms office product, you will need a 25 character product key. 

Whenever we install or activate Office in our computers our systems asks for the product key that looks like #####-#####-#####-#####-#####. You need to enter 25 digit product key in order to get the product. 

Where to find product key 25 character:

You can find your 25 digit product key in subsequent locations.

  1. If you have purchased the product online then you can search out the key in your register mail address. Login to your mail and find the activation mail of Microsoft and search you key code there.
  2. IF you have purchased product offline, then open your product box and find your product key inside the box or you can get the key on the sticker of the CD case.

Your product key can come in different formats. You can find it in digital form, hard copy or be a soft copy. You cannot install or activate office without product key so buy your product from an authenticate seller so that you can obtain a substantiated product key.

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