4 Steps to Connecting a DTV Converter Box to Your Analog TV

Simple TV programming reached an end in June 2009, at which point all communicates were computerized. On the off chance that you have a simple TV and need to watch current advanced substance on it, you need a Digital TV Converter Box (DTV). These DTV boxes are moderately reasonable and simple to discover. Connecting them is a breeze with this 4-step process. You’ll be fully operational in a matter of moments.

Stage 1: Disconnect Coaxial Cable

Go to the back your TV and unplug the coaxial link that is associated with the From Antenna port of the TV.On the back of the DTV box, you’ll see two associations. Search for the one that is marked From Antenna. This is the one you need. Take the coaxial link you simply withdrew from the TV and append it to the DTV converter box utilizing the From Antenna input.

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Stage 2: Connect Output From DTV Converter

Another connector on the back of the DTV converter box is named To TV (RF) or Out to TV composite or comparable. Take either a coaxial or a RCA composite link (your decision) and interface it to the Out to TV connector.

Stage 3: Connect DTV Converter Box to TV

Look on the back of the TV. You’ll see either a From Antenna or Video 1/AUX input or a port with comparative verbiage. Take the coaxial link from the DTV box or the RCA composite links and fitting them into the relating ports here.

Stage 4 – Configure DTV Converter to Decode Antenna Signals

Fitting in both the TV and DTV converter box and turn them both on. Adhere to the directions that accompanied the converter box and turn your TV to channel 3 or 4. Adhere to the on-screen directions to design the DTV converter box to disentangle the recieving wire flags and make the most of your programming.

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